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Burger Close Up


Snappy Wipes was born out of frustration (and a tad bit of laziness), doing the thing that so many love... eating! Though sometimes eating can get messy, even in the fanciest of places. Whether you order; Burger & Fries, a Neapolitan Pizza, Chicken Wings, or a Whole Branzino, you get where I am going with this you are using what ya mama gave ya, your hands.

Going to pick up a traditional napkin to wipe my hands only led to the napkin ripping and the remanence being up and down my fingers, simply put it was not okay. Then the aha moment hit, if only I had an individual wipe to use.


This could not be any wipe though! It needed to be first and foremost biodegradable and sustainable, from the packaging to the wipe itself. It needs to cleanse your hands (and maybe face, too 🤫) making sure that aren't left feeling sticky, yucky, with grime or grease on your hands, but rather in a position to conquer whatever was next. 

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